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Wind Energy Costs: Toward a Zero-Subsidy Era?

Will institutional investors continue to acquire renewables assets and invest in renewables funds in a zero-subsidy world?
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Zero-Subsidy Bids Become the 'Norm'?

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Zero-subsidy Onshore Wind Energy Projects from Stavros Thomas
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Offshore wind power research 2019 from Stavros Thomas
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Knowledge sharing and continious improvement strategies for the offshore wind power industry – survey insights from Stavros Thomas
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About the Anemorphosis Research Group

Anemorphosis Research Group serves as an on-line platform for wind power professionals, environmentalists and wind energy consultants where dissemination of information and discussion amongst members can operate on an on-going basis.

We are a team of professional researchers, engineers, economists, environmentalists, PhD and master students working on technologies to help exploit one of the most economical and technologically mature renewable sources of electricity generation: wind.

Our research focuses on the following themes:

  • wind power project developmentn and management optimization.
  • lean and knowledge sharing in wind power investments.
  • industrial interent of things in wind power investments.
  • operation and maintenance advancements.
  • wind power forecasting systems development and applications.
  • the wind resource in coastal and offshore areas under fluctuating atmospheric stability conditions and extreme wind speed phenomena.
  • wind energy storage technologies as integrator for wind power within the electrical grid. with particular emphasis on smart grid systems.
  • modelling wind power plants combined with solar power systems to establish technical and financial feasibility, environmental compatibility and grid integration;
  • multi-agent distributed control of renewables in smart grids.
  • advanced control - condition monitoring of wind energy conversion systems to mitigate the O&M costs and ensure ecosystem biodiversity.

The Group aims to:

  • provide a forum for networking among independent researchers so that they can share ideas, experiences and problems
  • provide opportunities for collaboration and shared workload when required
  • facilitate professional development through information exchange, discussion and education about market and social research issues, latest techniques and skills
  • keep members abreast of business issues affecting the industry and industry guidelines
  • address issues specific to independent researchers
  • promote the value of independent researchers to research buyers
  • provide a resource for larger research in wind energy development and the NATURA 2000 network.
A Note
Dear Visitor

Anemorphosis Research Group conducts research into fundamental aspects of wind power engineering. The research ranges from basic experimental and computational studies to modeling and simulation of a wide variety of wind power engineering concepts, root cause analysis, economic evaluation, wind resource assessment methodologies, strategies and techniques.

During the past 10 years of wind research and development, Anemorphosis has pioneered many of the methods and strategies that have taken wind energy technologies to new heights. Through its expertise and one-of-a-kind assets, the research performed at Anemorphosis has become a guiding force, advancing wind technologies from initial concepts to deployment.

Anemorphosis Research Group investigates and develops new reliability-based design optimization (RBDO) methods and strategies that enable the determination of optimum wind energy installations designs (micro-siting) to establish their technical and economic viability. Specific research include the development of uncertainty modeling, reliability, sensitivity analysis, and generalized techno-economic methods to establish wind power projects maximum productivity and sustainable performance.

Stavros Thomas Founder and Contributor of the Anemorphosis Research Group