Project Portfolio Management. Vital for Success

An Investigation Study

This research presents evidence from an exploratory survey on the use of agile project management (APM) practices at medium and large-sized renewable energy organizations and energy industry trading companies. Agile Project Management Results indicate evidence of the presence of APM enablers, which create favourable conditions for implementing and adapting APM practises and approaches. The study also identified potential barriers for APM implementation in wind power industries. The authors propose the hypothesis that the APM approach can be adapted, at least for innovative projects with high degree of risks and uncertainties. Furthermore, they suggest exploring the correlation between APM support in the execution of Operations preparation project(s) including developing and executing scope of works, time schedule and budget as required.

For decades both the academic and corporate sectors have been engaged in improving traditional management methods. The solution could be a more “flexible” approach to a new Portfolio Management framework. The terms “agile” and “Agile Project Management” (APM) first appeared in the software development industry, where their implementation and applicability demonstrated huge success. However, there is a lack of empirical studies on the use of agile approaches in wind energy industry and wind power investments. This research presents a conceptual framework to identify enablers and practices related to the APM approach. The framework was applied in an exploratory survey with a group of 32 me- dium-sized and large-sized wind energy industry companies, developers, stakeholders and other business parties, all of which have experience in new portfolio management and do not formally use APM methods.

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